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Directions to the Aggie Terrace
  -For Event Attendee Parking

Physical Address to the Terrace Entrance: 600 North 700 East, Logan, Utah

  1. From Logan's Main Street, turn onto 400 North (heading east).
  2. At the stop light at 600 East, turn left.
  3. Go one block and turn right onto 500 North.
  4. Go one block and turn left onto 700 East.
  5. Go half a block and the Aggie Parking Terrace entrance is on your right.
  6. Enter through the Visitor Parking lane and take a ticket.
  7. Park on any level and take the B elevator.
  8. Select the “UL” button which will take you to the University Level.
  9. Exit to your right. 
  10. Go around the corner to your right and you will see the David B. Haight Center in front of you.

Directions to the David B. Haight Center
  -For Loading/Unloading & Event VIP Parking

For short-term visitors, event VIP parking and loading/unloading. There are six open spaces and one handicapped accessible space. A special permit is required.

  1. From Logan's Main Street, turn onto 400 North (heading east).
  2. Go through the stop light at 600 East.
  3. At the top of the hill, take the first left onto Champ Drive.
  4. Follow Champ Drive all the way around Old Main until you reach the roundabout where you will circle to the left until you see the David B. Haight Center with parking in front.