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Parking for Event Attendees

Parking for event attendees is available in the Aggie Parking Terrace located at 600 North 700 East, Logan, Utah. The David B. Haight Center will create custom parking passes to distribute to event attendees. These passes must be given to the parking attendant upon exiting the Terrace. An estimate of needed guest passes is required at least two weeks prior to your event.

Parking for Visitors, Event VIPs, Loading/Unloading

Parking for short-term visitors, event VIPs and loading/unloading is available in front of the David B. Haight Center. There are six open spaces and one handicapped accessible space. Event hosts may use these spaces for guests of honor such as event speakers or a bride/groom. The David B. Haight Center will provide custom passes which must be displayed on the dashboard of each car.

Parking Fees

Event hosts may purchase parking vouchers in advance to provide to their event attendees. This must be pre-arranged with the David B. Haight Center two weeks prior to the event. Advance payment for parking vouchers is required and non-refundable. As an option, attendees may pay on their own upon exiting.

Rates for the Aggie Terrace
$2.00 per hour
$10.00 for five or more hours.
Cash (exact change) and credit/debit cards are accepted as you exit the Terrace.


Please note: The David B. Haight Center cannot be responsible for parking tickets incurred by attendees who park illegally. Please inform guests of the parking policies to avoid confusion or improper parking.